Academy for Medical Specialists

The Academy for Medical Specialists is a joint venture of the Dutch Federation of Medical Specialists, VvAA (an insurance and service organisation for medics and paramedics) and the institute of Health Policy and Management (iBMG) of the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The Academy provides courses for medical specialists and clinical residents, both in open access and in company. The courses encompass topics such as medical management, hospital management, health economics, quality and safety in health care and management skills. The Academy has been founded in 2008. Its precursor was the Foundation for Medical Management, started by the Order of Medical Specialists and iBMG in 1990. VvAA also provides courses for (para)medics since 1990.

The Academy for Medical Specialists organizes a range of courses in open access, among which a postgraduate course in Medical Management, together with the University of Tilburg (‘Management for Medics’). The Academy also organizes a range of in company courses for general and academic hospitals and organisations of medical specialists, both for medical specialists and clinical residents. The quality of the courses of the Academy is under supervision of a high level Program Committee, consisting of senior teachers and CEO’s of hospitals.